Idris Mosque Northgate





Welcome to Idriss Mosque, the House of Allah (God) and place of worship for Muslims.



We offer tours of the Mosque by appointment only. Each tour ends with a short talk and period for questions and answers.


Visitors are encouraged to share their areas of interest before coming to the mosque so we may ensure your visit and tour are related to your specific areas of interest concerning Islam. We believe it important to learn about and share our similarities as well as discuss our differences to learn, live and work together with each other in peace and harmony.


When visiting Idriss Mosque, we ask your courtesies in complying with the following:


    1. Remove footwear upon entering the Mosque

    2. No bare feet

    3. Clean socks

    4. Dress modestly:

      1. Women; no see through, tight clothing, halter tops, shorts or skirts above calf length, no exposed breast, stomachs, arms, etc.

      2. Men no bare chest, tight shirts, pants, exposure of underwear, open front, sleeveless shirts, etc



      1. Women; heavy makeup, perfumed lotions, cologne, strong perfumes

      2. Men; strong after shave and scented lotions and colognes



      1. Controlled substances, weapons, intoxicants, intoxicated persons

      2. Eating, drinking, horseplay, shouting, threats, verbal, physical abuse, illegal activity, criminal acts, damage or destruction of property



    A scarf, hat or loose covering for the head of women visitors is not required but appreciated


    We appreciate your interest in Idriss Mosque. We look forward to meeting you. We wish you peace, good fortune and Allah’s Guidance.

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