Burial Service

Contact Idriss Mosque at request concerning Janazah and prayer services for deceased Muslims

Burial sites are available now at predevelopment discount rates.


House of Mercy

All-Muslim Cemetery

15004 SE 256th STREET

Covington, WA

Bodies are washed, wrapped, and buried according to Islamic rituals.

Costs of funeral services are included in the package price.

Only Muslims are buried in this cemetery.

All Muslims are invited to use the cemetery without exception

For information and purchase call:

James Noel at (253) 691-3275

AMF hotline at (253) 638-9989

For more information visit http://www.oz.net/~msarram/cemetery.html

ACACIA Memorial Park

Arne Swanson

Funeral Director-Embalmer

14951 Bothell Was NE

Seattle, WA 98155, phone number: 206-362-5525

Bleitz Funeral Home

316 Florentia

Seattle, WA, 206- 282-5220