Education & Outreach

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The Idriss Mosque educational program is developed as a fiscal year preschool and weekend Islamic studies program. The program is designed as a co-op allowing parent and community input and participation. Our school is designed to benefit both the Islamic community and society through offering high-quality early childhood and youth education programs as well as job, parenting and employment skills for adults.

The school program is designed under a philosophy of whole person development, in recognition of all peoples need for understanding one heritage and culture and to enhance the development of self-esteem. The Islamic Center of Washington is knowledgeable of the high rates of family mobility which has subtlety increased and diminished familial and communal relationships that are crucial to the development of an individual sense of healthy self-esteem and social competency skills needed for achieving success.

School Safety

All staff and volunteers involved in the school program working with children and youth are required to complete an employment application as well as authorize and undergo a criminal history background investigation.

Staff Training

The program administrator has responsibility for ensuring ongoing training for all staff and volunteers involved in the school program. The administrator is responsible for continually monitoring and assessing staff, volunteer and program needs and collaborating with the Advisory Committee to support staff and coordinate and facilitate staff professional development for maintaining consistently high quality within and throughout the program.

Student Testing

A student participating in the weekend school program will be involved in ongoing summary assessment testing to measure the effectiveness of content being taught as well as enhancements in their knowledge, skills, and abilities. A unique benefit of our program is that we recognize the need and utilize alternative testing methods when needed as the one size method is neither sufficient, nor accurate, in measuring progress for all students.